Andrew O’Loughlin

Experience Design & Researcher

Please talk to Andrew about his research with Victoria University in Melbourne, exploring the positive influence of Participation Sport Events. There are a limited number of opportunities to include your event (at no cost to your organisation).
Speak with Andrew as to how you may secure some valuable evidence on the impact of your event, to share with your stakeholders and funders.
Across 25 years in sport and entertainment, I have learnt that events can be a powerful platform to connect and influence people. To get attention, motivate action, engagement and sales. However, I have seen that events often fail to deliver. The goal is not defined. The plan is not achievable. The influence is not evaluated.
In a busy world there is often no time, funding, or resource for strategy and evaluation. And in our competitive world inevitably the events will then fail. They are no better, or more valuable than what we’ve already got. They are not successful, and barely manageable. Yes, it is difficult to get it right, but what I have also experienced over the years is that this is all achievable.
Using my new ‘Experience Design’ methods, creating design-led, evidence-based events will have the influence they seek to make. They deliver on the promise, to the audience, for the event organisers, and their partners.
I’ve also seen that event people are passionate, talented and hard-working, however we need support. We deserve success, but we need to develop ourselves and look for new opportunities.
I have learned a lot in 25 years, so I’m now looking to connect you to meaningful knowledge. I’ve learnt by working with talented people on some of the world’s major events. With leading teams, and brands like Nike, ESPN, Red Bull & J.P. Morgan. With some of our major not-for-profit, sports and entertainment organisations, and our largest local governments. I’ve spent the last 10 years as Managing Director of the Agency Limelight Sports, and I’m now looking to help you.
So I am focusing on helping event owners and industry leaders to succeed in the world of events. Helping people bring their best.
I now Advise, Design, and Mentor on events.
Creating influential events, and influential people.