David Tully

Race Director, Asia Spartan Race

Dave is a veteran of the TV sports and events industry with over 30 years experience. Born in the South of England into a family of Rugby and Cricket fanatics he managed to be enthusiastically mediocre at both but soon found his real calling up to his knees in Mud in the green lanes of Sussex.  After starting his career as a Director with London Weekend Television he followed it up with spells at the European Sports Network and Chrysalis Sport producing Hockey, Golf, Speedway, Goodwill Games and International Boxing. After a chance trip to Turkey and South America  on the Land Rover Camel Trophy ignited the flame of a wander lust he packed his bags and got as far away from Home as he could on one plane hop…well almost.
Moving to Hong Kong in 1995 to join the fledging Star Sports Network he has since charted a roller coaster ride thru the growth and development of Sports TV in Asia. From the HK Rugby Sevens, Cricket Sixes,  Beach Volleyball in Victoria Park, Racing in Macua, and Golf in China to Football and Basketball in Lebanon,  Internationa Cricket in Nepal, more Football on remote Philippines and Pacific Islands, Boxing at the Beijing Olympics, Kick Boxing in Tokyo, Squash in Grand Central Station, X Games and Beach Games in Thailand, Table Tennis in Dubai and even back to the mother land for the London Olympics.  All the time craving participation and not just observer status he continued to embarrass himself on the Moto X, Go Kart and Off Road 4×4 Racing circuits of Malaysia and Singapore as a very enthusiastic  amateur.   In between all the sport he managed to direct a few rock concerts and game shows, get married and start a family. The later being the greatest achievement of his life.
From Producer / Director he moved on upwards to Broadcast Operations, Executive Producer and finally World Broadcast Consultant to several world and regional sports governing bodies including BWF, ITTF, PSA, and AIBA. Adding Sports Presentation, Social Media, Streaming, Event Management and Course design and Construction to his toolbox in more recent years he has finally returned to his first love,  the great outdoors. You can now find him on the the muddy forest trails and urban jungles  of South East Asia. Currently Race Director for Asia Spartan Race the local licensee  for Spartan International in Malaysia and Singapore he spends his days finding ever increasing ways to challenge his fellow humankind.  He has been involved from the very first foray for the brand in 2015 to its recent expansions across Asia. In 30 years in the business he can honestly say OCR has to be the hardest and most rewarding sport and event he has ever been involved in. Even in compression socks he is still an enthusiastic amateur.