Elvin Ting

Co-Founder & MD, Orange Room

Born in Singapore and with 25 years in the competitive sporting scene across Swimming and Water Polo, Elvin’s passion for sports did not stop after he continued to be actively involve in various sporting activities after his graduation from his Bachelor Degree. Elvin’s 12 year corporate experience across various leadership position for more than 12 year that includes IT Giant, Hewlett Packard and world leading drinks company Diageo before deciding to pursue his greater purpose in sports. His wealth of corporate experience and unique market knowledge had helped to build a highly effective team and processes that is able to successful implement iconic concepts like TRI-Factor Series across 7 countries within Asia Pacific including China.

After more than 10 years in founding and growing 2 businesses in Singapore, Elvin’s passion is to bring sports closer to more people across the region. He believes that everyone deserve an opportunity to grow stronger and live a better life.