Jana Wunderlich

Co-Founder & MD, Eventeamwork

Jana Wunderlich is the Co-Founder and Managing Director of Eventeamwork and passionate about people and creating experiences. She started Eventeamwork to help event organisers to create extraordinary event experiences by focussing on their temporary workforce.

The temporary workforce (staff and volunteers) accounts for approximately 85% in events. Therefore focussing on the workforce will help organisations create stand out experiences, a memorable brand, mitigate risk and ultimately create a competitive advantage.

The event industry sees a high turnover in volunteer managers, which means valuable expertise is not retained in organisations. Hence organisations struggle to implement effective workforce programs that positively impact the bottom line and the customer experience.

Jana developed a 5-Step Workforce Planning Framework that ensures organisations don’t spend unnecessary time and money, mitigate risk and create exceptional experiences for event participants and patrons.

With Eventeamwork, Jana has worked on some of Australia’s largest events such as Sydney Festival, Sydney New Year’s Eve, Vivid Sydney and many more.