Kristy Castleton

Founder & MD, Rebel & Soul

Kristy Castleton is the founder and MD of Rebel & Soul, a multi-award winning brand experience agency who apply a proprietary neuroscience methodology called INVOLVE, to produce highly memorable experiences.

Kristy is both the rebel and the soul, an extrovert and a geek. Her passion for neuromarketing and technology teamed with a love for parties and new experiences, drove her to set up an agency that does things a little differently to all the rest.

The agency is privileged to work with some of the world’s leading brands and agencies like Heineken, HSBC, CNN, Chanel and Dentsu to create experiences that pack a memory laden punch. Think emotion tracking wearables, gamification, oversize holograms (of Sir Richard Branson amongst others…) and mixed reality, teamed with awesome music and a free flow bar.

Kristy’s vision is to drive experiences to be the new frontier of marketing in Asia. As one of only two founders to recently feature in Campaign Asia’s Women to Watch list, it’s clear that her unique application of science to memory making in marketing and events is driving her closer toward her goal.