Margaret Jin

Director Strategic Development, Xingzhi

Hailing from Beijing, China, Margaret Jin is the Director of Strategic Development at Xingzhi Group.

In China, Xingzhi organizes more than twenty large scale sporting events annually, including major road marathons, trail races, ultra-marathons, multi-day extreme races, and rowing competitions, working closely with both the Chinese government and leading global and national brands. Majoring in history and archaeology, Margaret is not an athlete herself, but an expert analyst in sport and tourism industry, and cross-cultural communications. Margaret is leading the Xingzhi Experience Institute, providing policy drafting and consulting services to local governments on the development of outdoor, sports and tourism industry. Related this process, her team is also introducing foreign companies, organizations and experts into China in fields as diverse as trail running, triathlon, road running, white water and mountain sports, including UTMB and Haute Route.