Matthew Leopold

Head of Sponsorship & Partnerships, British Gas

Matthew has been involved in shaping an implementing partnerships for most of his career, utilizing his background in PR and branding. He currently heads up Sponsorship and Partnerships at British Gas (BG) and is also a board director of the European Sponsorship Association where he helps the industry better demonstrate the impact of sponsorships on business results.

As a non-Olympic sponsor of an Olympic sport, Matthew oversaw British Gas’ hugely successful 2012 campaign which gave free swims to anyone that pledged support to the British Swimming team, driving a huge brand uplift for British Gas. Understanding the value of mass participation sports can have on a brand like British Gas, Matthew led the development and delivery of a very successful brand-owned mass participation swimming event.

Matthew is also an advocate for the often forgotten audience of sponsorship – employees. Under his leadership of the British Swimming partnership, British Gas employees were given unrivalled access and opportunity to the sponsorship. Participation in sport significantly increased, sickness dropped and employee pride hit an all-time high.

Not only does Matthew speak widely about how sponsorships and partnerships work, he often shares why they work and how they can grow engagement for both consumers and employees. Through various activations and campaigns, he has learned how to build consumer trust and improve corporate reputation through sponsorship.