Patrick McInerney

CMO, EnMotive

Patrick is a runner, traveler, digital marketer, visionary and kid at heart who aspires to live in the moment and create memories. Cutting his teeth as RAM Racing’s Director of Marketing since 2012, Patrick has grown and scaled the company from 8 to 50 running events including the 5th largest race (Hot Chocolate 15k/5k-Chicago) and 5 races in the top 20 by attendance nationally. Patrick is now in command of EnMotive, the technology division of RAM Racing. RAM creates and executes race parties that elicit an unforgettable and unimaginable emotional experience from start to finish. Creating memorable experiences is a core belief, which he uses to help elevate every aspect of an event such as being honored for best swag, medal, and 5k for multiple of the events over the years.

EnMotive’s technology offerings of registration, timing, photography, marketing, and production is the answer in providing the best experience for runners and sponsors, while giving race directors seamless access to all these features in one location.

Prior to 2016, EnMotive was a platform servicing RAM Racing’s 250,000 participants. Since taking the reins at EnMotive, Patrick has grown the platform to be the largest timing company in the United States, timing over one million runners across 10 offices and touching more than 15 million like-minded people, annually.