Phillip Mah

GM, Keppel Offshore & Marine

Mr Phillip Mah is the General Manager of Group Security at Keppel Offshore & Marine Limited.

A police veteran, Phillip oversees security of the group’s shipyards both in Singapore and overseas, working closely with management and regulators in achieving a secure work environment and safeguarding against threats in an increasingly complex security environment.

Phillip joined the Singapore Police Force (SPF) in 1990, with key responsibilities in investigations, operations and security regulatory functions.  He has held various senior positions including Head of Operations at the Traffic Police Department, Division Head of Aviation Security and Emergency Planning at the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore. Prior to joining Keppel O&M in 2013, Phillip was the Deputy Commander and Head of Investigations at the Airport Police Division of the SPF.

While with the Traffic Police, Phillip has had the privilege of engaging organizers in many major events, including mass participation events planning focusing on traffic management, stakeholder engagements and the security of participants.