Why Mass Participation Event Sponsorship is Fast Becoming a Popular Marketing Platform


Today’s marketplace has almost every business fighting to get noticed. Marketing and sales techniques have been evolving with time and those who fail to adapt struggle to stay afloat. Sean Davidson who heads up Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) Asia Pacific’s Marketing & Communications division gives us a little insight to a growing trend in marketing that every business, big or small, could leverage: mass participation event sponsorships.

In the last couple of years, TCS has begun synonymizing themselves globally with marathon events. Their extensive portfolio of marathon partnerships includes the famed TCS NYC Marathon which regularly sees over 50,000 finishers annually.

But why sponsor a marathon? Sean shared that these sponsorships were aligned with their business, provided the right platform to promote the TCS brand and their digital technology capabilities. What is more, these partnerships have since had a tremendous impact on both their brand value and internal fitness levels.

Since entering this new realm, TCS has gained global brand recognition and is now commonly associated with their leading-edge digital capabilities to a broad audience. Additionally, running sponsorships have accentuated their internal Fit4Life program amongst their 325,000 employees, making distance running a major part of their staff’s lives, with CEO Chandra leading the way as an avid marathon runner.

Of course, event sponsorships aren’t all rainbows and butterflies. Sean quips that these come with their unique set of obstacles. The numerous small markets and limited resources in Asia Pacific have been a challenge to maximize the branding, account, and internal marketing opportunities required for a major event like the Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore. Sean reckons that TCS has to do more to activate these, raising awareness for TCS as a partner, and to bring more of their key accounts, staff and even general public to experience these events.

With that said, the results speak for themselves. TCS has reaped fantastic results, both for the business and their employee wellness and will continue to leverage mass participation sporting events as an integrated marketing exercise.

Want to learn more on how you could begin your foray into mass participation event sponsorships? Come along to the upcoming Mass Participation Asia Conference 2015 where Sean Davidson will be sharing a case study on The TCS Story: A Global Marathon Sponsorship Program Grows the Brand and Company Well-Being. Details and tickets available here: http://massparticipationasia.com/

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